To Obtain Product Support

Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase (unless specified otherwise)
Phone support is available for corporate customers. Please contact your sales representative for details.

• End-user support is by email only. Please contact:


• For corporate customer support, please contact your sales representative on how to obtain tech support.



To Obtain Warranty Service

NOTE: Only products distributed through authorized North America souces, or purchased from the official MINIX shop, official MINIX stores at Amazon is eligible to receive support or warranty service in the U.S., from MINIX USA. (Note that not all Amazon resellers are authorized**)

You must also REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT (see below) to obtain warranty service. If you meet the above requirements, please contact us at:


Product Registration
If you purchased your MINIX product from authorized sources in the U.S. or Canada, you must register your MINIX product here to be eligible for U.S. warranty or technical support. Please use the form below and enter your Serial Number or the MAC address. The serial number is located on the product packaging. If you cannot find the serial number, enter the MAC address of the product.
Please fill out the form below and click "Submit".
Fields with * are required.

WARNING: Note on Warranty and Support for non-U.S. / non-Canada purchases, or from non-authorized sources

Please note that if your serial number reveals that your product was purchased overseas, or is a parallel import item, support and/or warranty service will be referred to the Main Office in Hong Kong, or will be subject to fees (even if it is still under warranty).


Product Registration Form
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**The following are not authorized resellers for North America.

MINIX products sold by these outfits are not supported by MINIX USA., and there will be NO WARRANTY.
    NCIX, Geekbuying, DIAOTEC, Durspop, AtomTech, HopCentury
If you are unsure, contact us at before purchase.



Frequently Asked Questions


Additional FAQs
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Return / Refund Policy

Returns accepted within 30 days for refund or credit. Must be the authorized USA/Canada version, purchased from authorized resellers (see above), in saleable condition, with all packaging and accessories intact and clean; otherwise, returns may still be accepted but will be subject to a minimum 25% fee. Please also note there will be a minimum 24 hours inspection period before refund / credit can be processed. After 30 days, MINIX USA may accept returns but for credit only; also, all returns will be subject to the minimum 25% fee. All returns require advance Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from MINIX USA. Shipping is non-refundable. Customer is responsible for return shipping to MINIX.

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