Frequently Asked Questions - NEO Products

  • • Playing contents from an Android device
    Which software should I install or download to play contents from my Android phone to to the Neo?

    You can use iMediaShare. You can also use other DLNA apps - do a search for DLNA in the Google Play Store.

  • • Using the phone to control Neo
    Can I use my iPhone or Android phone to control Neo?

    This feature is not yet supported with the iPhone. There are apps that allow you to use your Android phone to control Neo, but we recommend you simply use a PC keyboard or mouse. We also recommend using our Neo A1 Air Mouse as a remote control.

  • • Accessing NAS
    How do I access my NAS using the ES filer?

    Go to New+ to add NAS, enter the IP address of the NAS (for example,, and it will prompt you for the User ID and password.

  • • Playing contents through ES Filer
    How do I play contents using the ES Filer?

    In the ES Filer, select the content to play by left-clicking it and holding it down for a second. A screen should prompt you to choose which player to use. Select the default Video Player that we have bundled with the Neo. This Video Player supports over 40 different types of video and audio formats, and it utilizes the GPU to decode the contents instead of the CPU, resulting in better performance.

  • • Upgrading the firmware
    Can I upgrade the firmware for the X5?

    Upgrades will be posted on this site as they become available. Please note, however, that our products were tested only under the firmware that was originally installed with them, and so we cannot gurantee full compatibility with the unit, any apps, or any peripherals you may have installed on it. We do not recommend upgrading the firmware if you are not familiar with the procedures or the possible consequences, as it may cause the system to become unstable. Please perform all upgrades at your own risk.

  • • Rotating the screen
    Is there a version that allows the screen to be rotated 90 degrees?

    Sorry, such a feature is not supported with the shipped version of the software.
    However, if you are an OEM customer, we may be able to create a customized version for you. Please contact for details.

  • • Full screen in YouTube
    Can I view YouTube in full screen?
    Yes, but Google is about to the block playback of YouTube in full screen mode with all the new versions of their software, so please do not upgrade your software or you may lose the capability of playing back YouTube in full screen mode.

  • • Synchronizing PCs with Neo
    Are there software to sync the Neo with my PC?

    Look for apps such as AirSync, Android Manager Wifi, and Dropbox.
    Reference article:,2817,2361278,00.asp

  • • Other features
    What other features are available with Neo?

    There are millions of free and inexpensive (under $0.99) apps available at Google Play Store. However, please be aware that not all of these apps may work correctly with Neo, though most new versions should. We cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with all the apps available, so please use them at your own risk. If you encounter apps that do not seem to work, you should uninstall them. Always install the free trial version first, before you buy the full version.
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