Quad-Core Media Hub

The X7mini is the latest addition to the NEO Series, released in September 2013. Following the tremendous success of the X7, the X7mini is a scaled-down version equipped with the same Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with Quad-Core Mali-400 GPU. Utilising the same internals as the X7 though in a smaller form factor means the X7mini is a hugely powerful device, delivering optimum performance far beyond its tiny size.

• Small - Digital Signage (as a media player)
• Access Control (to remote control other devices over the Internet)
• Video Conference
• NAS - storage over LAN (by attaching USB drives)
• Surveillance & Monitoring (as a viewer client)
• Notification Device (over IP)
• Voice over IP
• Network Appliance (as a WiFi hotspot)
• Personal Computer (to check e-mail & browse the Web)
• Thin Client Terminal (as a business computer)


The X7mini is powerful enough to browse the web, skype calling and other VoIP call services, stream media content in full 1080p HD with ease, and handle even the most graphically intensive Android games - such as Modern Combat 4, Asphalt 8 and many more. The X7mini, like the NEO X7, comes with Bluetooth 4.0 support and is fully compatible with most Bluetooth keyboards, mouses and Android games controllers - perfect for enhancing your gaming experience on the NEO Series.

Android 4.2.2 OS

Again, like the entire NEO Series, the NEO X7mini comes pre-installed with Android 4.2.2 OS, with a massive array of apps available to download via the Google Play Store - such as Netflix, Spotify, and most popular IPTV apps. The NEO X7mini also comes pre-installed with Wi-Fi Display and AirPin PRO, enabling you to share media content, such as videos, music, photos, between your smartphone, tablet or laptop and your TV - No more tangled cables connecting your laptop to the TV, now you can instantly share all your media content wirelessly.

Android Gaming

The X7mini is for those who place great emphasise on gaming, and are looking to play the latest Android titles with full fluidity and enhanced performance. If you are looking for a fantastic Android gaming device then you should look no further than the NEO X7mini.

X7mini Firmware Upgrade Procedure

Power on the device and connect your X7mini to your PC using the supplied Male-Male USB cable. If the device isn't detected by the PC then enable "Connect to PC" on Android Settings -> USB. Now your PC will detect the device as external storage.

Now, unplug the power and USB cable from the NEO X7mini. Connect the USB cable first, whilst keeping the reset button pressed (located at the bottom of the NEO X7mini; a pin is required) , now plug in the power again. Keep the reset button pressed for another 4-6 seconds and release. At this point, the Windows PC should be connected to the NEO X7mini and the PC goes into a looking-for-driver search mode. When prompted, point the PC to the driver folder location, remember to use the correct location relevant to your PC configuration (e.g. x7mini\NEO_USBdriverV3.5\Win32bit\win7). If it does not prompt, go to device manager on the windows and configure the driver manually.

Once this is successfully completed, run RKbatchtool.exe. It should show a "connected devices" square icon in GREEN. Choose RESTORE (Important: DO NOT use Upgrade) button and point to the firmware file in the folder created in Step 1. The firmware upgrade will begin and do not press any buttons or unplug anything until the process is fully finished. The NEO X7mini will reboot itself with the newly updated firmware, the whole process takes approximately 10 minutes.